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The County Auditor is in a real sense the chief accountant or controller of the county, being responsible for keeping all ledgers and records affecting county funds and for seeing that such funds are received and disbursed in the manner provided by law.

The auditor is responsible for preparing:
  • (1) a monthly financial statement to be reconciled each month to a similar statement prepared by the county treasurer;
  • (2) an annual financial statement to be submitted to the board of county commissioners and published and
  • (3) an annual financial report to the State Board of Accounts.

The auditor is responsible for auditing all claims against the county to insure that they are in proper form.

The county auditor has numerous duties related to the assessment of property and the levy and collection of property tax. Such duties include:
  • (1) maintaining current plat books
  • (2) keeping transfer books, reflecting the ownership, descriptions and assessed valuations of real estate
  • (3) receiving applications for deductions and exemptions from assessment
  • (4) preparing an Abstract of Assessments and Taxes levied
  • (5) making semiannual settlement and distribution of collections
  • (6) keeping records and giving notices pertaining to sales of real estate for delinquent taxes.

Annually, the county Auditor must compile and prepare for publication the budget and proposed tax levies for county funds subject to the budget laws and under the auditor's jurisdiction. This duty carries with it the duty to submit the budget to the county council and to keep a record of all proceedings connected therewith. The auditor is ex-officio secretary of the Board of County Commissioners and the County Council and as such, must publish notices of meetings and keep complete minutes attached to the proceedings of such bodies. In addition, all bids, contracts, petitions, ordinances, resolutions and other official documents submitted to or acted upon by such bodies shall be filed with and preserved by the auditor as a part of the minutes.

Property tax statements are in the mail. If you have questions after you receive your statement, please contact the appropriate office.

Questions regarding your exemptions or deductions contact the Auditorís office. 348-1620

Questions about your assessed value Ė contact the Assessorís office. 348-1707

Questions about the amount of taxes due or to make a payment Ė contact the Treasurerís office. 348-2504

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